Skip Bin Opportunities

Make Money from Trash: Waste Management Business Opportunities

For entrepreneurs, the waste management industry is FLY. These business opportunities lie in wait.

Residential Waste Collection

Every household deals with trash of varying proportions. To target this market, buy a garbage truck and inform the public of your new trash collection business.

Factory Waste

Collect trash from factories and dispose it on their behalf. Serve as many factories as you can or sign a contract with one operation.

Recycling Plant

Though it’s capital-intensive, a recycling plant is money-making. Buy recyclable materials from garbage collectors and sell them to factories.

Commercial Waste Collection

Collect trash from offices and business premises rather than homes and private residences.

Waste Collection Centre

If you can’t afford a garbage truck, create a site, where people can dump their trash at a fee. Then hire a truck to collect the waste and transfer it to a landfill.

Public Bathrooms

People who need to “pee” or “poo” while in public can pay a small fee to use your facility.

Scrap Metal Depot

Metals are recyclable. Pick up metal scraps or buy them in large quantities. Sell the metals to companies that make pots, nails, roofs, cutleries, etc.

Mobile Toilets

Such toilets are needed at parties, big events and camping grounds. Making, selling and leasing mobile toilets is an easy-to-start venture with good profit margins.

Recycling Electronic Waste

Start a business that collects e-waste including old computers, bad televisions, used cell phones, discarded radios, etc. Manufacturers and spare part dealers require such materials.

Skip Bins Business

This is the icing on the cake. Contractors, builders and factories need skip bins to dump their bulging waste. Companies rent out bins to make cash.

Rubber Waste Recycling

People throw away slippers, buckets, rubber shoes and jerry cans as they consider them useless. Collect such stuff. Companies that make plastic chairs and car tires will be your top buyers.

Cans and Bottles Recycling

These items are an environmental nuisance. It’s common to see them littered on the street. Pick up those cans and bottles and sell them to manufacturers.

Polythene Bags Recycling

In Australia, lightweight plastic bags are a menace. Like rubber, polythene could be recycled. Help save Australia’s environment.

Oil Recycling

Almost every factory uses oil. You can buy used oil and sell it to companies or individuals who make bio-fuel.

Bio-Fuel Making

People are ditching diesel, kerosene and petroleum products. A biofuel production business fills the gap. Bio-fuel is made from waste matter and set to replace crude-oil.

Paper Recycling

Everyone uses paper which is converted into tissue rolls. Vend waste paper to tissue production companies.

Used Clothes Recycling

Old clothes, when recycled, make cushions, mattresses and foot mats. Besides recycling, used clothes could be sold to people who can’t afford new attires.

Construction Waste

The construction industry generates loads of waste. Gather and send that waste to salvage yards.

Medical Waste Recycling

Clinics and hospitals need to discard waste in a safe manner. Dumping blood and body parts sounds gross but it’s profitable.

While each business category in this guide is lucrative, we recommend you give skip bins a shot.