Finding The Best Skin Specialist In Your Area

Sick of getting no results with your skin specialist? We’ve done the research to help you find the best skin specialists in your area

Want to enhance your confidence? A skin specialist can improve your appearance and overall health by helping your skin look young and healthy. Some skin doctors have advanced training in dermatology, while others specialise in cosmetic. For instance, if you’re suffering from acne or wrinkles, a medical dermatologist is the best choice. But, if you just want to enhance your beauty, it’s best to go with a cosmetic dermatologist. Choosing the right skin specialist is crucial to addressing your particular skin needs. Here’s how to find one.

1) Know the typesA general skin specialist will treat acne and rashes. Diagnose the skin condition to determine its root cause. And help with issues like thinning hair. They are also specialists in anti-aging medication for brown spots and wrinkles. What’s more, they can treat scars, persistent discoloration, deeply etched wrinkles, and any other skin issue that requires laser, injection, or a peel.

2) Get referrals

The next time you visit your primary care doctor for a check-up, ask for referrals to a few recommended skin specialists and start your research. Also, approach a friend, a family member or a neighbour you know that had or has a skin issue, and ask where they get their treatments. If their condition is improving or already healed, chances are that you’ll also benefit from their dermatologist.

3) Go for consultation

Schedule your first appointment with the recommend physicians. When in the waiting room, take the opportunity to ask other patients about their experiences. Long patient lines indicate that the skin specialist is in high demand. It’s a plus if the doctor offers a free consultation.

4) Check their bios

Skin specialists usually have their own websites where they display their services and medical info. Browse the homepage and look for board certification and experience. A website is also a good place to check whether the specialist’s focus is cosmetic or dermatology and if they specialize in something else. Someone who mentions Botox, fillers, or laser treatments, is experienced, and probably knows the right treatments for your disease.

5) Listen up

When you call or meet potential skin specialists for the first time, mention the skin issue you’re suffering from and the remedies you’ve used. Listen how they’ll address those issues. Their opinion will give you an idea of their expertise and their demeanour. You want a doctor who is resourceful enough to get solutions for you and whom you feel comfortable with.

6) Ask the right questions

The best skin specialist performs the procedures you’re looking for all the time. They can also handle emergencies like cosmetic surgeries. For lasers, inquire if the physician rents or owns the devices. If they own, they are lasering a lot, hence they’re good at what they do than those who rent. Be sure to ask who will perform the treatments or surgeries. Some doctors only supervise the procedure as a technician or nurse does all the work.

Understanding what your skin requirements are and following the above-mentioned tips can help you to effectively find a skin specialist in your area. With the right physician at your service, you can forget about dull skin and say hello to beautiful, younger skin.

If you’re needing a skin specialist in Adelaide, we recommend for all your skin needs. If you check out the Lasertech Clinic on Facebook, you can see some of their amazing before & after shots with clients. For more resources on Lasertech Clinic, please contact them directly, and not through CTE – Adelaide Business Directory.

Property Managers

5 ways to select the best property managers

Owning an investment property comes with its challenges. For one, managing it can be a stressful experience, especially if you have a series of properties in your portfolio. And secondly, you are ever busy and making trips to your property is hectic. To save investors from this entire headache, property managers expertly look after property obviously on a fee. While this is a big break for property owners, finding a good property manager is another nerve-wracking experience. To save you all the trouble, here’s how to select the perfect fit to manage your investment.

Shop around

While selecting the right property manager isn’t easy, that doesn’t mean you give up your search and go with the first one you come across. Your quick decisions may land you the cheapest manager who doesn’t offer the best service or land you an expensive one who doesn’t give you value for your money. Creating a shortlist of would-be property managers close to your property or in your area is a good place to start. Use this shortlist to compare their services and prices to find who the right one for you is.

Read testimonials and reviews

Current tenants or landlords will be willing to tell you their opinions and thoughts about the property manager in question. You may also want to consider online reviews. If your search for reviews turns up empty, approach your property manager and ask for a list of references of who you can speak to.

Compare quotes

As we all know, the cheapest property manager isn’t necessarily the best. On the contrary, most people tend to discount expensive property managers solely because they charge more. So, how can you strike the balance between the cheapest and expensive managers? Well, you can negotiate the cost with your potential rental manager or get quotes from several managers. Compare the quotes and narrow them to the one you are happy with. 4rooms Property in are unique in the sense that they have a fixed $79/month Fee. We always suggest comparing other quotes, but we’ve heard great reviews about 4rooms Property. If you visit their 4rooms Property LinkedIn you will see dozens & dozens of recommendations. They often upload great videos on their YouTube – property managers account giving great insights into the industry.

Meet the property manager

Property managers can entice you with killer emails. But to get a good idea of who they are, it’s important to talk to them on phone or to meet them in person. If they rush on matters or are too busy, then walkway – no run! How can they manage your property effectively if they give you vague responses or cannot answer all your questions?

Ask questions

When you meet or call your property manager, ask as many questions as possible. This way, you’ll be able to find out how experienced they really are and uncover more about them. Treat your first meeting as an interview to grill the property manager. Ask key questions like, “How many properties do you manage?”, “How much do you charge?”, “How do you attract and screen prospective clients?” or “Do you work with insured and licensed contractors?”

A great level of capital growth is always guaranteed when you choose the best property manager. Choosing the wrong property manager, on the other hand, means mediocre growth, bad tenants, delayed rent payments, expensive damage to your property and property vacancy.

Ways To Market And Grow Your Air Conditioning Business

What are your competitors doing that you are not? Obviously, they are not offering better air conditioning products or services than you. Nor are their prices significantly lower than yours. But their businesses are scaling at a fast rate. Chances are you set up shop before your competitors. You had the most customers. And your air conditioning company seemed to flourish. But now they have overtaken you by far. You start to doubt your managing skills. And in a panic, you reduce your prices to attract more customers but fail horribly. So what’s next?

No need to worry or stress yourself out. What you need is a marketing strategy. In this case a well-planned out marketing strategy. Today, marketing is everything. Marketing strategies have even transformed from the traditional yellow pages, press releases and sending newsletters to SEO campaigns, PPC advertising and the like. Thanks to the guys at, your go-to Adelaide air conditioning service company, we have gathered some of the most effective ways to market and grow your air conditioning business. Here’s how!

Professional networking

Niche expertise is a sure way to drum up more business on any marketing level. Once people identify you as an air conditioner expert, they’ll tend to hire you more. A good place to start is to join social media networks like LinkedIn or start a local community group. This way, you’ll be able to interact with people, contribute ideas, solve problems and establish yourself as a leader in your niche.

Utilise your blog/company website

Your company website is an instant resource for research and information. Your customers are going online. And you don’t want them to miss out on your services and products, obviously. Always post reliable information and some DIY air conditioning tips on your blog to engage people.

Charity or event sponsorship

Though the returns are not great, charity sponsorship creates a great level of goodwill in your community. Not only will your good practices be memorable, people will always remember your business whenever they need air conditioning services.

Implement a referral program

As you may know, word of mouth is the lead generator of new business. And what better way to facilitate this process than a referral program? Offer discounts to customers who refer people to your business. And give an initial discount to the new customers too. This will generate even more referrals because your customers are happy and feel valued. BNI Adelaide is a great referral program for young businesses.

Forge partnerships

There are a lot of people who need your air conditioning services. The real estate investor who flips properties. The contractor who repairs and cleans up HUD homes. All need your services. Unfortunately, they tend to look up for air conditioning contractors in the Yellow Pages and top listings online. But by creating awareness with these niche groups, you can rest assured that they will call you first when they need HVAC services.

Social media really works

Social media provides a better way to interact with customers on an individual level. Your online presence is key to your success, especially if you have a large social media presence. Bolster your presence online by commenting on posts, sharing links to informative HVAC resources and event invitations.

With the right marketing strategy, your air conditioning business will see more revenue, customers, and leads. But with the wrong marketing strategy, customers will ignore you and scoff you. Therefore, it is critically important to use proven ideas that work.

4 Tips On How To Scale Your Mobile Car Detailing Company Quick

Mobile car detailing is a great business venture for anyone who loves rides – of course, clean rides. But how you run the business can mean the difference between succeeding as a mobile car detailer and hanging on for dear life as your business nose dives.

From the word go, mobile car detailers Adelaide have a huge advantage when it comes to opening their own businesses. With even small capital you can establish yourself as a successful entrepreneur. To start with, you don’t need any physical location to set up shop. Just get a van and you are ready to go. Second, you are doing something you love at your own convenience. And the best part is you are your own boss.

However, running the business can be challenging. The bigger car detailing companies in town are more likely to bully your small business. This means little to no customers and earnings for you. But that is about to change for the better.

So you want to turn your mobile car detailing company from ‘zero to hero’? Obviously, that’s why you visited this site. Well, here is how to scale your car detailing business quick:

Marketing, marketing, marketing

The secret to success for any business relies on proper marketing. From online marketing (websites, social media), local advertisements and marketing materials (flyers, business brochures, coupons) to promotions, sponsorships and strategic partnerships, your marketing strategy should be client focused. Your aim is to reach as many people as possible who need your car detailing services. A good place to start is by using your company van as a ‘customer attraction’.

Is this even possible? Absolutely, yes! You only need to brand the vehicle with your company logo. On the logo include your contact details and services. And that’s it! And how will you attract the customers? Well, as long as you drive your branded van around town, park it outside office blocks or client homes; you’ll get enough visibility which will convert to potential customers. So keep driving and packing at places with lots of traffic!

Customer service and relations

While you offer top-of-the-class mobile car detailing services, how you relate with your clients will determine your company’s success. Treat them poorly and you are out of business. Treat the nice and you are in for more business.

Happy customers will always refer your business to other people. And as we all know word- of-mouth advertising is the fastest, cheapest and best way to get referral business. So keep your customers talking about how good your services are. You can even offer additional services so you have more to offer your detailing clients. If you have experience in paint protection, this can be a great add-on for your customers. Adelaide Automotive Detailing for paint protection have had a great amount of success with integrating this service into their business. For more resources on Adelaide Automotive Detailing, see their website or their Yelp – car detailers listing. 


A common misconception is that low prices will earn you more customers. While it’s true, you are simply devaluing your services and business. Resist the temptation to reduce your prices, instead, try to offer value for money. Remember car detailing is an expensive service and you want your clients to get the best services for their hard-earned cash.

Be confident

Sound odd? Well, how good you deliver your services and showcase your detailing process and ability, the more customers will appreciate your services and trust your brand even more! Also, don’t keep detailing secrets to yourself. Share them once in a while with your loyal clients.

And there you go! Implement these tips in your mobile car detailing business strategy and see your business grow fast!

4 Reasons Why You Should Study To Become A Personal Trainer

The fitness industry is growing bigger and better – the demand for personal trainers is increasing by the day, the rewards are massive, the money is great, and you won’t run out of employment options! The best part is you have the opportunity to play a major role in helping eradicate the obesity epidemic. That’s not all. Here are 4 more reasons why you should study to become a personal trainer.

You will make a career out of something you love to do

Do what you love and the money will follow! There’s never been a better time to start looking for your dream job than now. Personal training is a motivating and pretty cool job if you have a passion for fitness. While there are many amazing careers out there, becoming a personal trainer not only gives you a flexible schedule; it helps you make the most out of your life. Let’s face it; 9-5 office work may be tedious and can limit your creativity. What better way to work in a positive, uplifting environment, than being a personal trainer? You’ll be able to meet a lot of people, make great friends and change people’s lives.

You get to impact people’s lives positively

As a personal trainer, it’s a great feeling to help people get healthier, fitter and happier. Making a significant difference in someone’s life makes you happy and more spirited to help others. Personal training isn’t just about reps and lifting weights, it’s about helping your clients take charge of their fitness and health goals confidently and self-reliant long after you have finished training together. This is what keeps the personal training job more rewarding and fresh. Adelaide personal trainers, such as Gym To You personal training are creating a movement of satisfied clients through the Adelaide community. By looking through the reviews on their Facebook official account, you will see IMPACT, which is what we are talking about here.

You can design your own fitness training plan

In the fitness profession, you must continue learning and staying up-to-date on new developments. Expanding your knowledge base can improve your health and fitness levels, and more importantly your clients’. The better the results, the better the pay! What’s more – you will be paid to feel and look very fit and healthy. Yes, that’s right. You have the skills up your sleeve and you can call the shots. You’ll also be able to develop tailor-made fitness goals and programs, which are flexible and effective for your normal workout routines.

Becoming a personal trainer gives you more flexibility

There are no hard rules when it comes to personal training. You can work anywhere and anytime you want. Being a personal trainer allows you to work part-time or full-time, and gives you time for friends and family and things you like doing – such as cooking, blogging, and your own workouts. The best part is you can decide to specialise in any area you like. Whether it is endurance sports, prenatal fitness, bodybuilding, therapeutic exercise, youth fitness & sports, or senior fitness – you can make your passion happen! Personal trainers are not limited to the fitness industry alone; the health-related industry is promising too. You can work in tandem with dietitians, doctors, and therapists.

Although you need to take fitness courses to be a certified personal trainer, starting a successful personal training career does not need years in college. In fact, it’s affordable and accessible for all – what you need is just a passion for fitness.

How To Select The Right Bookkeeper In 2017

Hiring the right bookkeeper is more than just finding someone who loves numbers; it’s about finding a professional partner who understands your business and more importantly your needs. When it comes to expertise and experience, bookkeepers and accountants come in all shapes and sizes. So what goes into selecting the right one for you? Before jumping into any relationship, it is important to assess the abilities and qualities of each bookkeeper. That’s not all; here are more suggestions on how to select the right bookkeeper for your business.


Before going ahead to hire bookkeeping services, it’s important that you check what certifications and qualifications the bookkeepers have. This shows that they are skilled, knowledgeable and professionally competent to meet your needs. They should understand the financial requirements and regulations of your specific industry. Only then can your bookkeeper provide advice and recommendations on how to improve your business operations.

Accounting software

Qualified bookkeepers are knowledgeable about technology applications. One of the questions you need to ask is whether they have certification and experience in your preferred bookkeeping software. You also want to make sure that the person you hire is using the best and latest accounting software. The ideal software will keep you up-to-date with the newest industry- related requirements and tax rules and regulations. That’s why it is important to know what type of technologies they are using in order to get the most out of your long-term partnership. In Adelaide, we recommend ProAMS – Bookkeeping, who specialise in Xero Bookkeeping software.

You may also enjoy Steven Schlagel’s video below on Tips on How to Hire the Right Bookkeeper


With the growth of online accounting tools bookkeepers are becoming increasingly virtual; therefore real-time communication is highly important. Great communication is crucial for a successful partnership between a business and its bookkeeper. Poor communication may result in chaos in bookkeeping. First, make sure you are comfortable with their communication style. They should be able to explain things well for better understanding.


The last thing you want from a bookkeeper is a surprise when the bill arrives. Fees should be discussed beforehand as much as possible to avoid mismatched expectations. Some bookkeepers charge a fixed fee, while others charge per hour. Now that many bookkeepers are starting to offer additional service packages including software technology fees, you may want to know what you are paying for. What bookkeeping services do they exactly cover? Do they charge extra fees and why? Ask about pricing options to decide who will fit your budget.


There are two types of bookkeepers; those who have experience working in the corporate world, and those who have gained experience in every area of bookkeeping by maintaining books for small businesses. To get a better insight of your bookkeeper’s experience, ask how long they have been bookkeeping and what types of clients they have had. Ask for references or contact their previous clients, they’ll give you valuable information. Industry experience is also a plus, particularly if they have served multiple clients across different industries, including the one your business is in.

Like any other profession, bookkeepers should be properly screened to ensure they are the right fit. There are many websites that give independent reviews and suggestions about professional bookkeeping services. You may want to check them when doing your background research.

Most Important Things You “Must” Do For Business In The Ming Adelaide

1. Find a business with a system that you can easily duplicate not only for you but also for your successive prospects, after all your prospects would want to be able to replicate what you’re doing also…. Makes sense right? You make money, they also make money, you make money back and this continues throughout your growing organisation.
If you have a business already and their system is not cutting it for you then you can do 1 of 2 things, observe what you have to do by either creating a system with the same qualities as already explained above or dump it(The company) and find one that does and I’m not kidding here as you can’t continue to persevere with a “Dead Duck” no matter how good the products or compensation plan are, if you can’t make it grow, you’ll go broke. … Simple!

2. Directly help and support your new members. Show them the exact system so they can repeat exactly to the letter how the system works. Get them fully integrated then they can do the same to their new members and this will repeat down into infinite. Thus your business foundations will become robust.

3. Market your business by using a Funded Proposal, never, like we indicated in the previous newsletter – Market Your Business Upfront…. But how do I market it then Christian, I hear you ask? “Well I will tell you right now!” You use what we call in the industry, a “Funded Proposal” . You must pitch to people your Funded Proposal upfront. Funded Proposals provide perceived value to any prospects; this is what helps build relationships first. I will provide you a link below to what we feel are the best places to create your funded proposals. There are video tutorials and lots of instructional material provided for you in the various site. Use both paid methods and free methods together to market your business, remember this is a business so learn how to treat it like one. Make your decision very early in the piece whether you want to be “serious” about it or not (A real business or a hobby business). This is very important as the 2 options create 2 distinctive and entirely different mindsets. So important you choose early otherwise your results can be wrongly affected by making this critical choice.

4. You need to reinvest a portion of your profits straight back into the business marketing.

5. This so important and one you need to take onboard no questions asked. Learn and create “Attraction Marketing” straight way. This will be your glue for your business. This is what makes immense, continual profits for your business and other businesses you may want to add…. Guaranteed! I will provide a link to what we consider as the very best sites that provides all of the information for you to become a super star recruiter in your business.
Well you now have the 5 Most Important Steps you need to adopt to ever get a chance to become Financially Free and extremely wealthy.