4 Tips On How To Scale Your Mobile Car Detailing Company Quick

Mobile car detailing is a great business venture for anyone who loves rides – of course, clean rides. But how you run the business can mean the difference between succeeding as a mobile car detailer and hanging on for dear life as your business nose dives.

From the word go, mobile car detailers Adelaide have a huge advantage when it comes to opening their own businesses. With even small capital you can establish yourself as a successful entrepreneur. To start with, you don’t need any physical location to set up shop. Just get a van and you are ready to go. Second, you are doing something you love at your own convenience. And the best part is you are your own boss.

However, running the business can be challenging. The bigger car detailing companies in town are more likely to bully your small business. This means little to no customers and earnings for you. But that is about to change for the better.

So you want to turn your mobile car detailing company from ‘zero to hero’? Obviously, that’s why you visited this site. Well, here is how to scale your car detailing business quick:

Marketing, marketing, marketing

The secret to success for any business relies on proper marketing. From online marketing (websites, social media), local advertisements and marketing materials (flyers, business brochures, coupons) to promotions, sponsorships and strategic partnerships, your marketing strategy should be client focused. Your aim is to reach as many people as possible who need your car detailing services. A good place to start is by using your company van as a ‘customer attraction’.

Is this even possible? Absolutely, yes! You only need to brand the vehicle with your company logo. On the logo include your contact details and services. And that’s it! And how will you attract the customers? Well, as long as you drive your branded van around town, park it outside office blocks or client homes; you’ll get enough visibility which will convert to potential customers. So keep driving and packing at places with lots of traffic!

Customer service and relations

While you offer top-of-the-class mobile car detailing services, how you relate with your clients will determine your company’s success. Treat them poorly and you are out of business. Treat the nice and you are in for more business.

Happy customers will always refer your business to other people. And as we all know word- of-mouth advertising is the fastest, cheapest and best way to get referral business. So keep your customers talking about how good your services are. You can even offer additional services so you have more to offer your detailing clients. If you have experience in paint protection, this can be a great add-on for your customers. Adelaide Automotive Detailing for paint protection have had a great amount of success with integrating this service into their business. For more resources on Adelaide Automotive Detailing, see their website or their Yelp – car detailers listing. 


A common misconception is that low prices will earn you more customers. While it’s true, you are simply devaluing your services and business. Resist the temptation to reduce your prices, instead, try to offer value for money. Remember car detailing is an expensive service and you want your clients to get the best services for their hard-earned cash.

Be confident

Sound odd? Well, how good you deliver your services and showcase your detailing process and ability, the more customers will appreciate your services and trust your brand even more! Also, don’t keep detailing secrets to yourself. Share them once in a while with your loyal clients.

And there you go! Implement these tips in your mobile car detailing business strategy and see your business grow fast!