Choosing A Suitable Wine Rack Company For Your Restaurant

How do you choose a suitable wine rack company for your restaurant?

Collecting wine is a great hobby for wine lovers and connoisseurs. If you’re one of them, as your collection grows, properly storing your wine bottles becomes a major concern. Often, installing a wine cellar or buying a wine rack is the way to go. But how do you select a wine rack that suits your needs and spruces up your restaurant?

When it comes to choosing a suitable wine racking style, a lot of consideration goes into functionality, aesthetic appeal, as well as varieties of design and materials.

1. Varieties of design

To choose a suitable wine rack business, you’ll need to have a good idea of the available options.

Wall-mounted wine racks

As their name suggests, wall-mounted racks can be attached to the wall. This frees up floor space while providing accessibility and security for your wine bottles. These racks are sturdy, sleek and modular, meaning they can expand as your collection does.

Modular and stackable wine racks

Efficient and cost-effective, stackable wine racks are great for wine enthusiasts with expanding collections. These modular racks can accommodate 4-12 bottles in each layer; therefore, you are able to stack them from the floor to the ceiling. The racks are also versatile, easy to assemble and are perfect for wine rooms and wine cellars.

Tabletop wine racks

Tabletop or countertop wine racks, like their name implies, are limited to a counter or table top. Due to their small size, they offer less wine storage capacity than wall-mounted, stackable and modular options. Tabletop wine racks are decorative, functional, and perfect for small collections.

Floor standing wine racks

Oftentimes, floor wine racks are a status symbol for any room or home. They are made from wood and come in different finish options. In addition to offering effective wine storage, these racks are functional and ornamental. You can either choose a small or large sized floor wine rack, depending on the number of wine bottles you want to store.

2. Varieties of materials

Wine collectors have a wide range of wine racking materials to choose from. Each option provides unique functional benefits and can complement your home’s décor.


Appealing and versatile, wood wine racking provides many benefits like its ability to be stackable and modular, giving wine enthusiasts the option to add racks as their wine collection grows. Custom wood racking is available in a range of finishes, features and woods.


Metal wine racks are becoming more popular these days than wood because of their flexibility with design, aesthetic appeal and minimalist nature. In addition to their versatility and stability, these racks offer a unique feel and look, and complement the contemporary home design.

Wrought iron

Wrought iron wine racks add pizzazz to any kitchen, office, living room and hallway with their chic design. Apart from being visually appealing, this unique wine racking allows for easy storage, organization and access to your wine bottles.

Glass and plastic

Glass and plastic wine racks offer a futuristic aesthetic and lush minimalist appearance to your wine cellar. Made of strong and sturdy materials, these wine holders are colourful, functional and attractive, offering a truly exciting interior design experience.

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