Most Important Things You “Must” Do For Business In The Ming Adelaide

1. Find a business with a system that you can easily duplicate not only for you but also for your successive prospects, after all your prospects would want to be able to replicate what you’re doing also…. Makes sense right? You make money, they also make money, you make money back and this continues throughout your growing organisation.
If you have a business already and their system is not cutting it for you then you can do 1 of 2 things, observe what you have to do by either creating a system with the same qualities as already explained above or dump it(The company) and find one that does and I’m not kidding here as you can’t continue to persevere with a “Dead Duck” no matter how good the products or compensation plan are, if you can’t make it grow, you’ll go broke. … Simple!

2. Directly help and support your new members. Show them the exact system so they can repeat exactly to the letter how the system works. Get them fully integrated then they can do the same to their new members and this will repeat down into infinite. Thus your business foundations will become robust.

3. Market your business by using a Funded Proposal, never, like we indicated in the previous newsletter – Market Your Business Upfront…. But how do I market it then Christian, I hear you ask? “Well I will tell you right now!” You use what we call in the industry, a “Funded Proposal” . You must pitch to people your Funded Proposal upfront. Funded Proposals provide perceived value to any prospects; this is what helps build relationships first. I will provide you a link below to what we feel are the best places to create your funded proposals. There are video tutorials and lots of instructional material provided for you in the various site. Use both paid methods and free methods together to market your business, remember this is a business so learn how to treat it like one. Make your decision very early in the piece whether you want to be “serious” about it or not (A real business or a hobby business). This is very important as the 2 options create 2 distinctive and entirely different mindsets. So important you choose early otherwise your results can be wrongly affected by making this critical choice.

4. You need to reinvest a portion of your profits straight back into the business marketing.

5. This so important and one you need to take onboard no questions asked. Learn and create “Attraction Marketing” straight way. This will be your glue for your business. This is what makes immense, continual profits for your business and other businesses you may want to add…. Guaranteed! I will provide a link to what we consider as the very best sites that provides all of the information for you to become a super star recruiter in your business.
Well you now have the 5 Most Important Steps you need to adopt to ever get a chance to become Financially Free and extremely wealthy.