Solar Energy Efficiencies

Two Major Types Of Solar Energy

Most people are not aware that there are different types of solar panels used to convert the sun’s light and heat into electricity. The sun is one of the primary sources of energies taken by humankind and is converted into electricity through the use of equipment developed throughout the year. A lot of great minds have dedicated their time to inventing solar panels.

But what people are not aware of is the fact that there are two significant kinds of solar energies. One that is called Photovoltaic Energy and the other called Thermal Energy. Both energies are taken from the sun. Photovoltaic energy comes from the sun’s light, and thermal energy comes from the sun’s heat. So as long as there is the sun, these energies shall be beneficial for any household.

Photovoltaic Energy - Types of Solar Energy

Photovoltaic energy is the more efficient kind of energy as it can be converted into electricity that can make any device work like lights and home appliances. Since this kind of energy only needs the suns light, it is most convenient for people living in cold places because as long as the sun shines over their house, they are sure to get enough light to convert to energy. This kind of energy does not need to sun’s warmth to be able to produce electricity. However, this kind of energy may take up a lot of space since you will need to have as many panels to collect the sun’s heat as possible. So you should make sure that you have enough space around your house for these solar panels.

On the other hand, Thermal energy takes the sun’s heat and converts it to energy that can also produce heat such as house heaters and water heaters. Although unlike the photovoltaic energy that can produce energy for any device, thermal energy is still very convenient and is also a good kind of investment. This kind of energy is critical to places that need heaters most of the time since it will inevitably reduce your electricity bill.

Thermal Energy CollecterHowever, both kinds of energy would always require the sun. During the night, it is best that one keeps storage where energy is saved so that they would have enough energy to sustain throughout the night. The more storage there is, the better especially during long storms where the sun is usually unseen. During long rains, the sun may be invisible which means the MDB solar panels may not be able to capture the sun’s heat or light to convert to energy. Therefore, it is always best and safe to have extra energies stored for emergency purposes.

So if you are planning to buy a solar panel for your home, you should take into consideration a lot of things like which kind of panel would best suit your house or which kind of energy is perfect for your needs. A lot of information is readily available on the internet so with just a few clicks, you can learn a lot of things about these solar energies, how they can be helpful for you and how they can be installed in your households.