Ways To Market And Grow Your Air Conditioning Business

What are your competitors doing that you are not? Obviously, they are not offering better air conditioning products or services than you. Nor are their prices significantly lower than yours. But their businesses are scaling at a fast rate. Chances are you set up shop before your competitors. You had the most customers. And your air conditioning company seemed to flourish. But now they have overtaken you by far. You start to doubt your managing skills. And in a panic, you reduce your prices to attract more customers but fail horribly. So what’s next?

No need to worry or stress yourself out. What you need is a marketing strategy. In this case a well-planned out marketing strategy. Today, marketing is everything. Marketing strategies have even transformed from the traditional yellow pages, press releases and sending newsletters to SEO campaigns, PPC advertising and the like. Thanks to the guys at www.accutempservices.com.au, your go-to Adelaide air conditioning service company, we have gathered some of the most effective ways to market and grow your air conditioning business. Here’s how!

Professional networking

Niche expertise is a sure way to drum up more business on any marketing level. Once people identify you as an air conditioner expert, they’ll tend to hire you more. A good place to start is to join social media networks like LinkedIn or start a local community group. This way, you’ll be able to interact with people, contribute ideas, solve problems and establish yourself as a leader in your niche.

Utilise your blog/company website

Your company website is an instant resource for research and information. Your customers are going online. And you don’t want them to miss out on your services and products, obviously. Always post reliable information and some DIY air conditioning tips on your blog to engage people.

Charity or event sponsorship

Though the returns are not great, charity sponsorship creates a great level of goodwill in your community. Not only will your good practices be memorable, people will always remember your business whenever they need air conditioning services.

Implement a referral program

As you may know, word of mouth is the lead generator of new business. And what better way to facilitate this process than a referral program? Offer discounts to customers who refer people to your business. And give an initial discount to the new customers too. This will generate even more referrals because your customers are happy and feel valued. BNI Adelaide is a great referral program for young businesses.

Forge partnerships

There are a lot of people who need your air conditioning services. The real estate investor who flips properties. The contractor who repairs and cleans up HUD homes. All need your services. Unfortunately, they tend to look up for air conditioning contractors in the Yellow Pages and top listings online. But by creating awareness with these niche groups, you can rest assured that they will call you first when they need HVAC services.

Social media really works

Social media provides a better way to interact with customers on an individual level. Your online presence is key to your success, especially if you have a large social media presence. Bolster your presence online by commenting on posts, sharing links to informative HVAC resources and event invitations.

With the right marketing strategy, your air conditioning business will see more revenue, customers, and leads. But with the wrong marketing strategy, customers will ignore you and scoff you. Therefore, it is critically important to use proven ideas that work.